The Friendliest Homeless Dog Ever Gets Rescued

Maya enjoys play time

The life of a homeless dog is not a pleasant one. Often living in horrible conditions, homeless dogs do not have it easy. Many of them will scout out a location somewhere near a public place so that they have hopes of finding food. It’s not uncommon to find dogs without a home living near rest stops, restaurants and other locations in which people leave food in dumpsters so that they can find the food when the humans are no longer present. That’s where the people from Howl of a Dog Rescue found Maya, a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality.

Not used to finding homeless dogs that are so friendly and open, the people from the rescue were pleasantly surprised to realize just how friendly and loving this dog is. She was cleaned up, checked out and taken into a foster home with multiple dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Maya, it appears, loves other animals. She has made friends with every dog living in her foster home, and she is just as friendly as can be. Perhaps she was a bit confused when she was introduced to the concept of toys, but she’s picked up the idea and run with it, enjoying her time in foster care very much.

Maya is the friendliest rescue dog

Maya loves all animals

She’s a dog with an appreciative heart, and she is very friendly. She’s looking for her forever home, and she probably will not have a difficult time finding one. Her open and loving personality, her affectionate nature and her ability to get along well with other animals works for her. She’s a great dog inside the house, outside the house and everywhere in between. This might be the friendliest homeless dog ever located, but she’s also the most appreciative of her new lease on life. She knows she’s got a good thing going.

Maya the rescue makes new friends

Photos by Howl of a Rescue 

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