Fundraiser for Sick Dog is Slowed Down by Fake Donations

met credit card fraud

Why is it that in moments when people need to ban together and do something positive, is there always someone (or many someones) who have to take the opportunity to do something awful? Makes us even angrier when it comes to a sick dog. This is a heart breaking story, I wont lie. One that may not have a happy ending, as we are not yet sue how it will play out.

The long story short, Sheba the dog became very ill due to a potentially fatal infection in her intestines. The shelter Sheba was at ( put up the story on for the dog, as they knew the surgery would be quite expensive and needed all the financial help they could get. They were shocked to see that the money began pouring in for this sick dog. Seemed like the world had a heart after all. Wait, don’t get too excited. There is a twist.

The next day, while the dog’s condition only worsened, they found out that over three thousand dollars that was donated was actually fake. People would steal credit cards and use them once on a fundraiser site to make sure they work before they go drain the account. It was like Sheba the dog had a miracle dangling in front of her face, only to have it pulled away last minute.

Good news, though. Since this story ran and went viral, they have reached well beyond their intended goal. Sheba is also seemingly getting better and better by the day, though it is still a rocky, unsure road.

So you see, people are good after all. How about that for a happy twist ending?

Image via Chicago Tribune

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