Funny Pit Bull Doesn’t Understand Why Bug Won’t Get Off Mom’s Bed

Funny Pit Bull

Call it what you want, but this pit bull is perplexed. Most people assume that large animals are brave, aggressive and fearless. However, this pup proves otherwise. He’s no pushover; he wants this bug off his mother’s bed, but he’s not exactly working hard to remove it himself. After all, he’s about a million times as large as the tiny lady bug that landed on the bed (isn’t that good luck?) but he still won’t do anything about it. As far as he is concerned, the depth of his action is stalking and barking.

Every single time the lady bug moves, this nervous pit bull jumps back, barks and looks a little bit horrified. When he’s not horrified, he looks suspicious and angry. Yet, he still does nothing about this little bug. He wants it gone, but it’s almost as if he has no idea he’s so much bigger than the bug. Or maybe he’s just not sure what type of mystical creature he’s up against. After all, it’s small, it can fly, it can sit and it does not seem even the slightest bit worried that a giant dog is in his face. That’s confidence; and confidence is scary.

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