Game of Thrones Reaches New Heights with “Pugs of Westeros”


Parodies and satires are one of the greatest things about the internet. They often take two things we love and mash them up into one thing. “Pugs of Westeros” is exactly just that. Two awesome things that work far better together than they should. While I will admit, being a Game of Thrones fan helps this, just being a fan of dogs is enough. “Pugs of Westeros” might already be our favorite thing this week, and it is only Monday.

First thing we need to point out. Whoever did that spent a good deal of money. Those outfits are legit, and even some of the locations are no joke, either. Though we may laugh seeing adorable Pugs dressed up as Game of Thrones characters, it looks like it took a lot of effort. Obviously, someone had to have every one of those outfits made from scratch. Not like they just filmed their dogs barking over some GOT dialogue. No, “Pugs of Westeros” is about as authentic as it comes.

So what happens when you mix Game of Thrones with Pugs? Well, we do not want to dare ruin this brilliance for you, so here you go:

Also, outside of all the praise for authenticity, how adorable was that?

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