German Shepherd Found as a stray Passes Police Dog training with Flying Colors

Ace 1

Ace is an adorable and smart German Shepherd.  He was once a stray in the streets of Lancashire, England, where he was spotted roaming around.  The 4-month-old pup then was in poor condition.  He taken into custody and was in danger of being put to sleep if he is not able to find a home within one week.  Luckily, the pup found a new home before its one week time limit ran out.  Cefni GSD Rescue in Sheffield took Ace in and the staff realized that the dog has the special skills to be a police dog.  Then one day an officer from Merseyside Police Dog Section called the rescue group and asked if they had animals that would make the cut to be a police dog.  The rescue group told them about Ace and the police force agreed to put the pup on a 13-week police dog training program.

While on training, Ace did a great job.  In fact, he finished the training program in 12 weeks, a week earlier than the schedule!  Last week, Ace, who is now 15 months old, officially joined the police force.  Staff at Cefni GSD traveled to Liverpool to witness the pup’s big day.  The cute and smart dog showed off the skills the he learned from the program at Merseyside Police Training Centre located on Mather Avenue.  Ace jumped over fences and windows, and run up on ramps.  Constable Tony Eyres is Ace’s handler and he is very proud of the pup’s achievements and stated that “Ace got the most drive of all the dogs that he had trained.”  He added that the pup is natural and loves doing the job.  Ace’s handler is also glad that their partners (agencies like Cefni GSD) are able to recognize animals with good qualities that will make a good fit to be a police dog or a guide dog, which will help them in fighting crime.  Cefni GSD staff were very pleased to see Ace passed the training with flying colors.  Marcia B. Jones, staff of Cefni GSD, was very satisfied to attend the ceremony and to see Ace in great condition.

Ace’s story is very heartwarming.  He showed the world that stray dogs can achieve something and deserves a second chance at life and to live it with a purpose.   We hope that this story will encourage more shelters and rescue groups to partner with agencies that will train dogs to be a police dogs, guide dogs or therapy dogs.

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