German Shepherd Noah Dies Saving His Family by Shielding them from Bullets

German Shepherd

A German shepherd by the name of Noah was killed last week while saving his human family from gunfire in a road rage-shooting.  It began as an argument when two vehicles nearly hit each other on the road in Atlanta.  Two drivers were furious at one another after nearly hitting each other.  One of the drivers whipped out a gun and opened fire.  The shooter missed a vehicle and hit a nearby SUV which was driven by Noah’s owner Kidon Martin.  At the time Martin’s wife and three children were with him.

Three bullets hit the back of the SUV and one bullet went directly into the backseat.  Martin’s dog Noah quickly jumped up to protect his family but took a bullet to the neck while saving their lives.    “The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe,” a witness told NBC 11. Noah then leapt from the vehicle and chased after the shooter before collapsing and dying of his injuries.

Martin had this very sad but honorable post on his FB Page.

I don’t usually be on Facebook but i have to let people know how my dog noah saved two members of my family my wife and my son in a senseless act of violence ,noah sacrificed himself by pushing them away in the line of gunfire and took a bullet to the neck him being so relentless chased the assailant car to show his protective instict and collapsed in the pusuit he died from the lost of blood he will be mised i cant stop crying for he is his name noah a covenant of the arc which is my family.

The shooter, who police say was driving a gray Ford Taurus, has still not been located. Anyone with information can call 404-577-TIPS (8477) or visit

Image via Martin’s FB page

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