German Shepherd Puppy Found Bound With Tape and Left for Dead Near a River

dog bound

Acts of senseless animal cruelty seem to be on the rise.  Everyday you turn on the news and another dog or cat is either being beaten or left in a hot car.  But the canine in this next story was treated so poorly, that her story has stood out from the rest.  It all started when someone found a German shepherd near a river in Denver, Colorado.  The otherwise beautiful dog, was found with tape around her muzzle and her front legs.  The dog was struggling to move around and she had been left for dead by whoever did this to her.

When someone found the dog they quickly called animal control, who came out and rescued the animal.  They found the dog very close to the river and she was wet from being so near.  Animal control believes that who ever did this, was planning on drowning the dog in the fast-moving river.  No one really knows the intentions of whoever did this to the dog, but there plans certainly were not very nice.  Animal control believes that the person may have been the original owner of the dog and could no longer take care of her, so they were trying to get rid of her.  Instead of surrendering the dog to animal control, they decided to do something completely horrible to get rid of the canine.

Police are still looking for the person or persons that did this to the dog, but are unlikely to find them.  Whoever did this will probably never come forward, but thankful the dog is now in safe hands.  The person who found the dog has expressed interest in adopting the dog and will be given first choice.  This horrifying story gets a happy ending, that no one would have expected. The dog who had not been given a name yet is doing well.  She is a bit shy, but otherwise she is doing great.  The pooch handles well and she will even walk on a lease.  Thanks to a very kind person and the fast acting animal control unit, this dog is now safe and sound.

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