A German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Isn’t For Everyone

german shepherd rottweiler mix puppies

What do you get when you cross two of the most popular protection dog in history?  The best of both worlds, of course!  The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a powerful animal that is super smart. It is one of the most sought after protection dog mixes in the world, and for good reason. While some people believe these animals are over aggressive, with proper training these animals can be great companion dogs. While not recommended for families with small children, this dog will make a loyal pet for an adult.  But remember with all dogs, each and every animal can have different temperaments. So learning everything about your dog is the best way to know if they are going to be overly aggressive or not.

A Truly Smart Dog That Will Learn Fast

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix has been known for their intelligence which helps when it comes time to train them.  These dogs will become large animals and very dominant if not worked with at a young age.  So remember to start training your dog at a young age.  This will let your dog know who is in charge and they will look at you as the pack leader instead of just one of the members.

It’s also a great idea to teach your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix to socialize with other animals.  This will teach them not to be aggressive to other pets that may be in the home.  You may want to avoid adopting an adult dog if you don’t know its history.  A dog that hasn’t been worked with can be aggressive and fiercely independent.

This Dog Isn’t For Everyone

While this dog is great for both protection and companionship, they can be hard to handle if you don’t have enough time to spend with them.  These animals have to be worked with in order for them to reach their potential.  Also if you live in a small apartment, these dogs probably aren’t going to be happy because they are very active and needs lots of space to run around.  Without proper exercise you might come home to find that your beloved pooch has eaten your leather couch.

So if you have the room and you have the time to spend with a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix, this could be the perfect pet for you.  A loyal companion that will stand by your side through thick and thin.

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