German Shepherd Wakes up in the Funniest Way Possible

Let’s be honest: some, if not most people, of us look pretty ridiculous when we are sleeping. With our hair going everywhere, every whichiway, and do they have valet. <3  We, have to admit that we know we look pretty strange. Just because we are not aware of what face we’re making or what we look like in general, it’s hard to look beautiful each time we are caught sleeping in public. One canine knows this all too well: the German Shepherd was caught while it was fast asleep, making slightly funny faces and even funnier sounds. When the dog woke up abruptly, he made the most interesting sound with a cross-eyed confused face to go along with it. To make matters even funnier, his humans were also commenting on his very surprised look upon waking up… he knows!

In the minute-long-video below, you can see the German Shepherd dog fast asleep on a couch. The tired and sleepy little guy is heard snoring quite loudly throughout the video, something many of us can definitely relate to. He also seems to be dreaming of something quite vividly, so much so that he is making some interesting noises to go along with the subtle faces the dog is making. Speaking of ears, the eyes of the canine appear to be in REM mode with the whites of his eyes very prevalent in the video. With its mouth slightly cracked open to reveal broken teeth, it has quite the strangest looks to give you. The large-sized German Shepherd dog’s human is spotted passed out on the couch, that is until the woman makes some noise and says something to the dog that jolts him awake, as if he knows someone was talking about him! What a smart dreamer dog!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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