This Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix Is Trying To Take A Nap


When dogs are sleeping, one of the funniest things they do, are make sounds.  But the dog in this next video does something a bit different.  You see she is trying to take a nap, but her owner wants to have a little fun with her. I am sure after watching all this take place, you will want to watch it again. As this Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix starts to dose off, her owner starts making funny dog like sounds.  This clearly makes this pooch a bit uneasy and she starts to make some sounds of her own.  As the dog named Bella starts to wake up; because of her owners sounds, she gives the camera a “please let me sleep look”.  This look will really make your heart melt and this dog is really a cute animal.

But her owner just won’t stop and Bella sits up in her doggy bed.  This is very funny to watch and what happens next will really have you laughing.  You see as Bella starts to sit up, she begins to howl very loudly which is very cute. The pooch then starts to bark and howl even more.  It’s not clear what is going through the mind of this dog, but one thing is for sure; she can really be loud.  I wonder if she thinks her owner is just another member of the pack and they are both howling at the moon.  But whatever reason she surely lets loose.

I wonder if this is something that the dog and owner do regularly?  I am glad that the owner videoed this very funny event.  Now the world can see just how amazing her dog really is.  Many people have already watched this video and I am sure that many more will.  So why not have a look at it for yourself? I really found this video to be cute.  But I hope that Bella’s owner lets her sleep afterwards, because this dog surly needs her rest.  So if you want to see this cute Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix howling and barking, you should check out the video.

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