A Few Tips Before Buying or Rescuing a Golden Retriever Husky Mix


One very stunning looking dog breed crosses is the Golden Retriever Husky Mix.  These dogs are also commonly called the Goberian which is a very clever name.  The Goberian is a bold looking animal that gets most of its looks from the Golden Retriever side.  Although this animal may look different from the Husky it certainly has its eyes.  Brilliant colored blue eyes are a signature of both the Husky and the Goberian, giving this animal a beautiful but haunting look.  Many of these dogs will have thick coats of blonde hair that will easily repel water.

What Can You Expect From The Temperament of These Dogs?

These are high energy dogs that simply love to move around.  Coming from two parent animals that are both working class dogs, the Goberian will need plenty of room to stretch its legs.  So if you are looking for a dog that will lay around all day this isn’t the breed for you.  But if you have an active lifestyle and your get out a lot, these dogs would love to come along with you.  One of the most favorite activities that most of these dogs love is running with their owners on a long hiking trail.  While they are in their puppy stage, it is extremely important to give them plenty of enrichment because they are proved to become destructive when bored.  These dogs make great watch dogs. Being a very alert breed they will let you know when someone pulls up in the driveway.  If properly socialized these dogs make great family pets and most of them do very well around children.

Should I Get One of These Dogs If I live In an Area Where it Gets Hot?

While these dogs do well in most climates they can be very uncomfortable in extreme heat.  So if you live in the southern regions of the United States you are going to have to bring these animals inside during the summer months.  These dogs are very large weighing up to 90 pounds on average. So make sure you have plenty of room for them inside of your home.  While this is a very healthy dog and not many health issues have been reported, you should always make sure these dogs have plenty of water to stay hydrated. Obesity is the only known issue with these dogs so at times you may have to monitor their food intake.

Image via BDupeyron at Flickr.com

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