Golden Retriever is A Better Fisherman Than You’ll Ever Be

golden retriever fishing

Meet Rani, the Golden Retriever. This is a dog with some serious talent that might make most men, and a lot of women very envious. I’ll start by asking you what you love to do to relax. Do you fancy taking a stroll out to the pond, or the lake or the ocean and throwing your fishing line into the water to see if you can catch a fish? A lot of people love to do this, and it’s a pretty nice concept. We love it, and we don’t think that it’s the worst thing you can do when you are bored or when you want to take up a hobby that is fun and entertaining. Rani loves to fish. She doesn’t have a problem getting right into the water and doing what most humans only wish they can do. She is a pretty remarkable dog with a pretty remarkable personality and we love it.

Just watch this video. When Rani fishes, she doesn’t bother with things like the nets and the poles and the other contraptions that we like to use when we fish. She only likes to use one thing; herself. And she is darn good at it, too. She gets into the water, and then she uses a piece of bread to get a fish to come up to her. When the fish bites the bread, this dog opens her mouth and grabs the fish with her jaws. It is the most remarkable thing we’ve ever seen. You have to actually see it to believe it.

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