Golden Retriever Sadie Protects Her Family From An Intruder

dog saves family

Golden retrievers are laid-back and well-behaved breed of dog and it’s the reason why they are considered by the American Kennel Club as one of the best family dog breeds.  Rotteweilers on the other hand are known for being sweet to their family but very cautious to strangers, which made them one of the best guard dogs, according to the AKC.  But a golden retriever pup in Wyandotte, MI who is usually gentle and nice took a big leap to protect her family.

Sadie, the Golden retriever pup, saved her family from an intruder one morning.  According to her pet mom Sarah Powers, Sadie saved her from the intruder who managed to break into their house.  During an an interview she told WXYZ News, “When I came out of the bathroom there was a man standing there and he is physically punching my dog but she would not back down at all.”  Sarah also stated that her pooch Sadie was lunging at the intruder with its teeth showing.  As Sadie barked and growled she also kept her front legs on the suspect.  Although Sarah has never seen her pup acting the way she did with the intruder she’s very glad that Sadie did that day.  “I’m glad she was here.  She literally saved the day, so we’re pretty proud of her,” Sarah said happily.
According to reports, the suspect John Shook is a habitual offender who has a few warrants for the crimes he did in different areas of the state.  Wyandotte Police Chief Daniel Grant stated that the suspect just got out of jail and had several run-ins with law for crimes like breaking and entering.  Shook is also known as a heroin addict.

Sadie is currently enjoying the love and attention that she gets from the public and media including social media.  She’s indeed a real hero.  Sadie’s heroic act is a living proof that dogs are indeed man’s best friend; they will protect and help you whenever they sense any type of dangerous situations.  In this story we learned that dogs of any breed are capable of protecting us even if they are not labeled as “guard dogs”.

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