Golden Retriever Won’t Do Anything Without His Blankie


Much like us humans, dogs also have their comfort zones and things that they just can’t do without, like a favorite toy or clothing item that they literally carry everywhere with them. Many kids had a favorite blanket growing up that was always by their side as toddlers. Dogs and kids have a lot of things in common, including that aspect. A Golden Retriever named Otus knows the situation all too well, for he also has a favored blanket that he drags everywhere – in fact, he won’t do anything without his favorite blankie!

In the video below, Otus is seen tenderly dragging his blankie from room to room in his owner’s home. He seems to settle in the living room for a while, taking care that he doesn’t mess up his blanket. When someone asks him to go outside and play, Otus seems skeptical and still latches on to his beloved blanket, with a confused look on his face. Finally the dog starts moving and carefully walks, making sure not to step on the cloth even as he makes his way down the stairs. It’s amusing to see just how gentle and careful a dog could be with its belongings! He ends up taking the blanket outside with him and nestles in the grass in the yard, placing the blankie next to him, not even putting it under himself to sit on, like most people do when they’re sitting on grass outside. How adorable is that?!

Photo Source: YouTube

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