Golden Retrievers Make One Big Mess and All Pretend it Wasn’t Them

doggie mess

I’m a mother. Mothers and pet owners know a thing or two about messes. I don’t have any pets at the moment (you know, four kids, including twins who are only two…) but I know that when there is a mess in my house, in a room, on something, in something; no one did it. Someone named not me comes into our home regularly and makes a mess. Sometimes not me gets into my makeup drawer in the bathroom and paints the house with little tiny fingerprints made of bronzer. Sometimes not me comes into our house and takes all the Tupperware out of the cabinet and sends it around the house in haphazard locations.

Sometimes not me climbs onto the bed in the master and takes down all the carefully placed pillows and throws them around the house. Sometimes not me takes every single toy out of every single bin, off every single shelf and out of every single place it’s supposed to be in the playroom and makes a huge mess. Of course, not me doesn’t ever show back up to take responsibility for that. The person who owns these three Golden Retrievers has their own not me, and not me was a very bad dog recently. Not me took all the pillows in the living room and tore them to shreds one night while the humans were asleep, but the dogs, unfortunately, were unable to catch the culprit. They do look so innocent, don’t they?

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