After Being Gone For Three Years, Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Being Found In Virginia

dog back with family

For three years, a German Shepherd named Rico was separated from his family who lives in San Diego, CA.  The pup was found wandering on the streets in Virginia which led to their reunion.  Apparently, Rico was rescued sometime last month and was put under the care of a local animal shelter.  A shelter staff notified Andrea that they have found her dog wandering in the streets.  It wasn’t clear if Rico was microchipped or wearing a dog ID collar but he has some type of identification with him which helped a lot in locating his owners.  On the night of May 2, 2015 Rico and Adrea Arce with her two daughters were reunited after he was flown back to California.

The emotional reunion was caught on camera.  As you will see in the video, Andrea and her two daughters, who didn’t know that they were going to be reunited with Rico, burst in happiness after they saw their long-lost dog.  In fact, one of Andrea’s daughters yelled “I missed you so much!”  On the other hand, Rico the dog also got very excited when he saw his family and started scratching the cage and whining.  After he was let out he immediately jumped into the arms of Andrea and gave her lots of love.  “It’s a connection that we had the first three years of his life,” she said, holding back tears of joy.  We never forgot him and he never forgot us,” Andrea said happily.  Rico was very happy that he couldn’t contain himself from jumping on his owners.

Andrea told KTLA News that “Rico was taken during a messy break-up and was given away, leaving her and her two young daughters devastated.”  It’s not clear yet how the pup ended up in Virginia, which is 2,500 miles away.  But what matters most is that he is now reunited with his family who loves and misses him a lot.  We are so happy to see them all together and enjoying each other’s company.  Thanks to all who rescued Rico and to Andrea’s friend who picked up the pup from the shelter, took him to the vet and put him on the plane back to California.

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