The Great Dane Lab Mix is a Friendly Dog That Is Great With Kids

Great Dane Lab Mix

Are you looking for a mixed breed dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle?  If so, the Great Dane Lab Mix will definitely fit the bill.  Also known as the Labradane, these large framed dogs have lots of energy making them perfect for those who love to go on long runs or hikes.  Very playful pooches, this mix is a very common hybrid that many breeders are starting to embrace.  In fact, you just might find these dogs being advertised locally.

The Great Dane Lab Mix or Labradane are very slender animals that can reach up to 75 centimeters in height.  These very large dogs can reach up to 180 pounds but most weigh around 100 pounds.  With long flappy ears and a straight coat these fine animals can come in a wide range of colors.  But the color coat is often a mixture of both parents.  Having a single layered coat makes this dog breed more susceptible to the elements so they should always be kept inside when the temperatures outside get extreme.  While these dogs love the great outdoors, you shouldn’t want to keep them outside overnight.  Before you purchase one of these animals make sure you have plenty of room inside your home.

While all dogs are different, the Labradane in general is a calm and loving animal.  There haven’t been any reports of these dogs being overly aggressive to children.  In fact, many people who own these dogs say they are great around kids.  When it comes to other pets the Labradane can be a bit dominant at first.  But a well socialized dog will be less likely to have issues with other pets in the home.  If you have adopted an adult Labradane, remember to closely watch them around other dogs or cats for a few weeks before leaving them alone.

When it comes to the Labradane life expectancy can be an issue for some people.  While many of these animals live to be as old as 12 some only live 6 years.  This short lifespan is due in part to their large frame which comes from the Great Dane side.  Watching these dogs pass away at such a young age may make some people shy away from this breed.

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