Great Dane Plays a Fun Game of Hide and Go Seek

Hide and seek

When it comes to having fun with your dog, nothing can be more fun than playing a game.  Most canines simply love to play most any games.  But in this next video, you will see a dog playing something that most canines simply don’t understand.  This Great Dane Plays a Fun Game of Hide and Go Seek with its owner and it’s simply amazing to watch.

There are two people in the video and one very curious little puppy.  This all takes place in a park-like setting with tons of trees and other places to hide.  While one woman films the dog from behind a tree, the other one roams around the park but stays just out of sight.  He carefully creeps around behind the dog and seems to call its name and quickly jump back and disappearing again.

The dog seems to be a bit confused at first as he doesn’t know where his owner has gone.  But his keen sense of both smell and sound tells him that the owner isn’t very far away.  As the video footage rolls on you can hear the woman behind the camera really cracking up over this very cute little puppy.

Suddenly, the dog decided he knew just where his owner was and runs around the corner where he quickly found him and jumped around in delight as he feels accomplished.  But the video isn’t over just yet because we still have to find the woman behind the tree.

The puppy carefully walks toward the sounds the woman is making and listens very intensely at what is going on.  But you can’t fool this pooch for long as he quickly finds the person holding the camera.  It seems that the dog must know the woman as well because he runs up to her and starts to jump.

This is a super cute video and if you love dogs as much as I do, you will really enjoy watching it.  So make sure to take the time to view the clip.  You too might want to try this very cool game with your canine friend.


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