A Group Rescues Tiny Puppies from Bitter Cold in Kansas City


With temperatures dropping to freezing lows, especially in the Midwest, it’s very dangerous for animals to be outside if they are not equipped. It’s because of these freezing low temps that a litter of tiny puppies were forced to be rescued. Chain of Hope, an organization based in Kansas City that works to rescue animals from extreme weather conditions, made sure that six young puppies were safe from the bitter cold before it became even colder. Their rescue was quite necessary, as the puppies are so young that they cannot even open their eyes, much less care for themselves in such extreme conditions.

Chain of Hope’s Kate Quigley explained that the puppies’ mother was a stray dog who ended up having the pups in the cold. Quigley actually first heard of the situation 10 days prior about an injured dog who needed care. She tried to set up a bait crate in order to get the mother of the puppies in her care, but unfortunately the dog didn’t go into the crate because of her young puppies.

“She was not going to get in that trap and leave her babies,” Quigley said. “We tried super-hard today to get her with a lot of really yummy stuff and didn’t get her, so we feel like we need to get the puppies to warmth.”

Now that the puppies are gone and in Chain of Hope’s care, it is more likely that the mother dog will get into the bait crate, which is laden with fresh food. Quigley intends on rescuing the mother and reuniting the mom with her babies. Meanwhile, Chain of Hope will be fostering the puppies.

Quigley explained,”We’ll let them, you know, get a little bigger and stronger and get them dewormed and all that good stuff and then get him fixed and adopt them out.”

(Photo Source: KMBC-TV)

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