Guy Completely Changes His Blind Dog’s Life With This Invention


Most of us dog lovers are willing to do anything to make our dogs’ lives happy and comfortable.  It’s not a matter of money spent or trips to the vet, it’s all about making sure our dogs are safe and content.   However, despite our commitment to our dogs, they get older, can get sick, and be put into situations we have no control over.

Buddy the Chihuahua is in the unfortunate situation of having lost his site due to Cataracts.   His owner knowing that he would have a hard time coping with the lack of vision decided to take swift action.. To help Buddy navigate his way around the house,  his owner made a bumper harness that prevents him from bumping into things.

Since using the harness, Buddy has become more confident walking around the house.  Here’s an example of a dedicated owner we should all strive to be like.  Enjoy the video below

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