Heart Melting Video Of A Boy and His Dog Named Duck

duck 1

In this heart warming video you are going to meet Duck the dog and his owner.  The story begins with a little boy who simply loves to spend time with his dog Duck.  Duck and the child do everything together.  The boy reads Duck a book and the dog sits there and listens.  When the boy goes for a dip in the pool the dog follows him in with a splash.  As the video progresses, you will see the boy growing older as well as the dog.  They are growing up together and when the boy gets bigger, Duck is right by his side.  When it comes time for the boy, who is now a teenager, to go to the prom Duck wants to go as well.  When the teenaged boy opens the door of the car for his prom date, Duck jumps in ahead of her.  This is a very sweet moment and it shows you just how much of a bond the boy and dog have.

As the teenaged boy becomes a young adult, Duck is still right there beside him.  As a young adult, the boy takes a trip to the beach and brings Duck with him.  The dog is now showing signs of aging and his hair is turning grey.  But Duck doesn’t let age stop him from jumping into his favorite seat in the car.  A young woman is standing next to her car, when she hears the dog’s name being called.  She then asks Ducks owner about the name and why he calls him Duck and the story moves once again to the beginning.

At the end of the video we get to see why this happy-go-lucky canine is named Duck.  As a toddler the boy gets introduced to the dog for the first time.  His parents tell the child that this is Duke and the boy responds with Duck instead, when he tries to say the dog’s name.  So the parent’s decide to call the dog Duck instead.  This is a truly amazing story and it will really fill you up with joy.  Make sure to check it out before you go.

Image via YouTube.com

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