The Heartwarming Rescue Of A German Shepherd From A Busy Houston Street

Houston rescue

A local rescue group was called to a busy Houston area street, because there were reports of a dog walking around in traffic.  When Operation Houston team members arrived at the location of the dog sighting, they found a very beautiful German shepherd that was standing beside the road.  Cars zoomed by and the canine was eating garbage that someone had thrown out of their car window.  The dog, who was female, is really a lovely looking dog, but you can tell that she has been out on the streets for a while.

As the team got closer to the dog, they parked their cars and you could tell that the pooch was very scared.  Having been on the streets for so long made her very cautious about whom she interacted with.  But the dog was very hungry and when one of the team members opened their trunk, the dog could smell food. A large bag of dog food can be seen sitting in the trunk and the man puts some on a plate to lure the dog to safety.  But when he turns around the dog runs away.  The man places the food on the ground and carefully backs away leaving it for the dog to find.  As the cameras roll the pooch walks up to the food and begins to eat.  They carefully watch her before trying to capture her.

After the dog has eaten some food, the man walks up to the dog and attempts to put a leash around her neck.  But the first attempt is not successful and the pooch backs away from him.  But then the dog comes back and lets the man pet her.  He then puts the leash around her neck and she is now safe from the dangerous street that is located just a few feet away.  Now that she is safe, the group takes her to away and will help her find a forever home.  She will be given medical treatment and groomed.  The group has stated that she will quickly find a home, because of her breed type and her wonderful personality. This rescue truly did have a happy ending!

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