Hero Pitbull Saves Multiple Lives in a Terrifying Fire


Pitbulls tend to have a bad reputation for being aggressive and violent dogs, which are stereotypes that aren’t all that true. Pitbull dogs have had the unfortunate luck in being known with a bad rep, but one selfless pitbull will hopefully help change those minds. Case in point: a Peruvian dog named Gringo, a slang term for “American.” The dog showed true heroism by saving his owner and the lives of many others when he alerted them of a terrible fire Gringo ended up suffering major burns, but also had the respect and honor of the public.

Living in Peru’s Rimac district, Gringo and his owner Carlos Morales called the place home, which was already a poverty-stricken area. After the fire that happened in the area, both Gringo and Morales were left homeless. Aside from that fact, the dog had suffered many burns that needed medical attention. The dog’s owner feared that his lack of funds would cause the heroic dog to die a sad death, but when the public heard about the way the dog acted that fateful night, they decided to take it upon themselves and help.

Meanwhile, a vet named Rodrigo Rondon stepped out, caring for the dog and helping him heal. Under Rondon’s care, the dog ended up fighting various infections and healing up his extensive burns. Last week, Morales and Gringo were finally reunited after being apart for a month. It was an emotional moment and had the dog owner hugging and kissing his pet.

“He is the only friend I have,” Morales said. emotionally.

Sadly, that’s all he could say. Later he announced a life-changing announcement: he’s decided to surrender the dog and will allow a family with better funds to adopt and hopefully take great care of Gringo.  Morales was very sad to walk away from the dog, but he is doing what he feels is best. The dog’s adoption process is currently being handled by Rondon.

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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