Heroic Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save His Family from a Bear

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A brave Beagle named Max lost his life to save his family from a mama bear.  Michigan couple Renee and Jeff Hanna were watching a movie on the night of June 8 with their two pups Max and Pete that are snuggled up close to them.  Then suddenly Pete, the younger of the two pups, began barking and Jeff found out that someone had trespass on their yard, and the intruder was a bear.  In an interview with 9 & 10 News Jeff said: “The bear came and tore the feeders down so I grabbed a flashlight and I walked all over the backyard.”

Despite of searching their backyard for the bear Jeff failed to locate her and decided to go back in the house thinking that the intruder had left but he was wrong.  Before going to bed Jeff went outside one more time with the pups and let them use the bathroom when the bear suddenly appeared.  Jeff was shocked when he saw the bear coming from around the shed and yelled at the boys to, “Get out! Get out! It’s here!”  Unfortunately, the dogs didn’t have time to run.  Max got in front of Pete to protect him from the bear.  According to Jeff, Max attacked the bear and the bear charged at pup.  “The dog and the bear collided right there.  The bear hit the dog and rolled him over and then that bear went right for that dog’s throat.”  The brave pup was clearly no match with the big and angry mama bear.  Because of the severe injuries that Max sustained from fighting the bear, his pet parents were left with no choice but to put him down.

Max loved his family and was very protective of them especially to Pete.  Jeff and Renee are deeply saddened with the loss of their beloved pup.  They are forever thankful to Max for saving them from the dangerous mama bear and said that he will always be remembered.  As for the mama bear, the authorities found her and her cubs in a tree not far from the Hannas yard.

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