Heroic Firefighter Saves Puppy Using Mouth to Mouth


There are many ways that humans save our beloved furry four-legged friends: rescuing them from the streets, taking them in, rescuing them from being trapped in high and low places, as well as carrying them to safety from dangerous situations. One thing we’ve never heard before is of a human giving our dog friends mouth to mouth resuscitation before. Alas, that is exactly what Jose Carlos Cortes did in order to save a two-month-old puppy that went¬†unconscious during a house fire. The 42-year-old Spanish fireman is being called a hero after pulling the Yorkie¬†from the fire and then giving it mouth to mouth after an attempt at chest compressions wasn’t working.

Cortes found the Yorkie puppy passed out after lacking oxygen and was found lying under a stairwell. The fireman noticed the little dog and took it outside, away from the smoking building. He then placed an oxygen mask over the canine’s face and started to do chest compressions. The puppy didn’t respond at first, so Cortes had to give the dog mouth to mouth. It was a slow start but after a while the puppy showed signs of life, which then prompted them to whisk the dog over to the vet to be properly treated.

According to reports, the puppy was so soon to be walking and barking a lot. The dog was in good spirits overall, and even ended up playing with volunteer workers at the animal hospital it was sent to. One of Cortes’ fellow colleagues ended up capturing with a video camera those moments of the firefighter trying to revive the dog. As soon as said colleague knew that the canine was going to be just fine, the colleague uploaded the video to YouTube.com, which the video footage has already had way more than 30,000 views thus far.

(Photo Source: New York Daily News)

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