Homeless Baby Squirrel and Mini Australian Shepherd are Best of Friends

squirrel and pup

Stewart is a baby squirrel. Sadly, his life is one he lives without his family. When he was just a baby, he fell from his tree and was unable to find his mother or the rest of his family. All alone and likely going to die without help, he was rescued and taken to the home of the family who found him. That’s where they made the decision to rescue this baby and keep it around their house as a pet. They named him, and they made the decision to introduce the baby squirrel to their dog. Their dog is a mini Australian Shepherd. Callie is her name. She’s a sweet dog with a loving personality, and it really showed when she found her little friend with the family.

When the family introduced the dog to the squirrel, she immediately took him in and made him a friend. They now love one another more than just about anything, and it is one of the most adorable things we’ve seen in a long time. These two are beyond adorable, and we cannot help but fall madly in love with them and all that they mean to one another. These two are not even part of the same family or the same species, but they have found a family in one another and they are loving everything that it means for one another. They are so happy to have each other, and we are so happy that they managed to save the life of this sweet little animal so that they can live happily ever after.

squirrel and dog

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