Homeless Boxer Gets Rescued On Unluckiest Day Of The Year

unlucky dog is adopted

Boxers are beautiful, wonderful dogs. They are among the most popular breed in the country, and they are wonderful family dogs. They love kids, they are protective, and they are so very loyal and affectionate. That’s why so many people love this breed. Sadly, someone did not love this particular boxer enough to care for him.

Treize was found wandering along the edge of a highway on Friday the Thirteenth. He was skeletal and sad, and he clearly never experienced any kindness from a human. While boxers usually weigh around 75 pounds, this beautiful dog was only just over 30 pounds. Clearly close to death and severely malnourished, the dog is very friendly and very happy to have been rescued. Now being cared for by loving individuals who want to see him succeed and flourish, this gorgeous dog is being fed just a teaspoonful of food at a time to prevent him from becoming ill. He is being cared for, and it seems that someone will eventually want to adopt him when he is ready to find his forever home.

unlucky pup finds new home

Since this gorgeous boxer came into the shelter for care, many people have rallied behind him. Perhaps it is his sad eyes and his clear love of any sort of affection that makes the world want to lean in and help this dog thrive. He is gorgeous, clearly very friendly and his life is one that was probably miserable. While no one knows where he comes from or what he has endured growing up, it’s clear from his behavior that he has never been treated with kindness or love and affection, and that is enough to break your heart.

Friday the Thirteenth is considered the most unlucky of all unlucky days, but this dog will always view that day as his lucky day after his rescue.

unlucky rescue

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