Homeless Pit Bull Terrier is Incredibly Grateful Being Rescued


Pit bulls often get a bad rap, with people saying they are aggressive and violent. But the truth is, no breed of dog is innately more violent than the other. The illegal pit bull fights put on by horrible human beings that abuse the breed often support those myths. Maisie is a pit bull terrier that is living proof that debunks the pit bull myths. She is a stray dog that was recently rescued by Hope for Paws and quite possibly the sweetest, kindest stray dog you will ever encounter.

In the video below, you can see just how Maisie was rescued. The video starts off with her rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli driving in the car over to the industrial area where she was found. They searched and found the canine in her hiding spot. Luring her out with the taste of what looks to be a chicken salad, the dog approaches them and realizing they wouldn’t harm here, she slowly but surely comes out of her shell, entrusting her security to Eldad and Lisa. She opens up and allows them to pet her, until Lisa pulls out a leash, which ends up scaring her back into her hiding place. Maisie ends up running away but the duo don’t give up on here. They duo end up winning her back and are able to put a leash on her once and for all in order to take her and rescue her once and for all.

Maisie is currently safe and in the care of Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue, an organization that is fostering the pit bull rescue.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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