Once “Hopeless” Cleft Palate Puppy Now Has a Fantastic Life


Cleft palate is a physical deformity that a number of children suffer from and many people around the world work for to help them get their deformity fixed and be able to be confident in their own skin as well as function in society. It isn’t very well known, but not only do humans suffer from it, so do dogs! Unfortunately, since not many people know that cleft palate also exists in dogs (with many shrugging it off as just another “ugly” dog) it’s hard for people to help with something they don’t know exists. Ruby is one cleft palate puppy and was born in December of last year with a cleft lip and palate, which made it very hard for her to nurse as a puppy. According to vets, the solution was to put the puppy down.

The breeder had attempted to care for the canine, but after the first few days and with the puppy becoming very malnourished, the breeder ended up surrendering the dog to the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation in Salt Lake City. Jennifer Clayton, the director of the foundation, also agreed that the poor puppy looked pretty bad initially. However, when Clayton brought Ruby to her personal vet, the animal doctor was the first vet to not suggest euthanasia; instead, she said it could be done, but it will cost quite the pretty penny to do so… but it was possible!

“[She] said she’d help me try to save her if that’s what I wanted to do,” Clayton explained. “As I sat there trying to make that terrible decision, Ruby started to suck on my finger and I knew that she wasn’t ready to give up.”

From December through March, Clayton had to give the pup tube feedings in order to keep the dog healthy. It was quite the process, as the dog needed feeding every four hours, including well into the night. In March, a surgeon ended up contacting Clayton and told her he was willing to help with the dog after hearing its story.

“Ruby and I flew from Salt Lake City to Philadelphia for surgery.  The surgery was a complete success and the very next morning Ruby ate canned puppy food for the very first time,” Clayton said.

So far, the little pit bull is doing quite well, give for the occasional sinus infection and a couple of dental problems. It’s incredible at the progress and change she has made, despite her unique look. She is healthy, happy and seems to even be quite famous!

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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