Hospital Opens Special Room For Kids to Visit with Their Animals

dog at the hospital

It is a medical fact that people are healthier and feel better when they are around their animals. When Jill Malan, the manager of Child Life Services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, realized that many of her young patients would ask the same question again and again, to have their pets come to the hospital to see them while they are recovering, dealing with pain and frustration and even disease and treatment, she had to do something. She knows that dogs give people a sense of well-being, and that it is no different for kids. She proposed to her higher ups at work that they do something to facilitate meetings between these sick, sometimes dying, children and their beloved animals to make them feel so much better.

That’s when the hospital contacted Purina and the company immediately donated almost a half million dollars so that they could build a room called the Purina Family Pet Center. Now kids can go into the room and meet with their dogs and cats, and they can have a bit of their childhood and their happiness with them when they do. It’s a proven fact that being around their animals considerably lifts their spirits, puts them in a better mood and even decreases the amount of pain that they feel. This is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I am so pleased and so thrilled that the hospital and Purina were so quick to make this happen for these darling kids.

Photo by Purina

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