How to Choose Dog Food

Sometimes getting your dog to eat its dog food is as hard as trying to fit Santa Clause down the smallest chimney in the world.  Both are possible but you are always going to run into slight problems one time or another.  You look around your house and there are pieces of dog food all over the floor because your pup would rather play with the dog food rather than eat it.  Why won’t this dog eat the darn dog food?  Animals are supposed to eat everything, right?  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case so you have to keep searching for the answer.  Now, this may seem like an easy solution to your problem: Did you ever think of changing up the dog food?  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.  This is basically going to be a trial and error game until you find the perfect dog food so you better start testing it out now

One thing to find out from your pup is if they like soft dog food or hard dog food.  Give them a few pieces of dry dog food and see if they toss it around.  They will also end up looking at you like you’re supposed to clean it up, too.   If this happens, give them a spoonful of wet dog food.  They might lap all of it up and start begging for more.  When you figure out which kind of dog food your picky pooch likes better, it is time to bring home the brands.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there (no pun intended) when it comes to dog food brands.  You see all of the commercials on the television and wonder which one really is the best.  Well, you can’t be the one to decide that.  Your dog will make that decision about the dog food for you.  Bring home a few different brands like IAMS, Beneful, and Caser to see which brand of dog food your little fur-ball will eat.  You might get really lucky if you bring home an off-brand that and your dog ends up loving it.  That will save you a lot of money, your pup will love the dog food, and you found the solution to your problem.

Finding the flavor of dog food comes last.  Once the brand is decided, they (your pooch) will need to find their favorite flavor of that dog food.  Hopefully you will come to find that your pet will eat all different types of that brand.  Try the basic flavors such as savory meat, chicken, or beef.  Dogs tend to love the hardy meat flavors the most.  If you want to get a little brave you can throw in the dog foods that have vegetables included in them.  Maybe pick up a few bottles of the doggy dressings that are out now.  You could pour some over the dry dog food to give it a boost of flavor.  Your pup just might love you even more for that squirt of sauce.

If you follow these three simple steps you will be able to choose the perfect dog food for you furry companion.  You will have them eating in no time which will relieve you from the stress their mess has caused you.  Let’s just wish upon a lucky star that they don’t want breakfast in bed!  We don’t need any doggy divas running around the house.

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