How to Deal with Misbehaving Dogs


As summer is coming to a close (boo!) it’s often difficult for dogs to readjust to families going back to their normal routines.   When fall is back in full swing your dog might have “separation anxiety” or other issues that affect their behavior.  But how exactly do you deal with it?  The video above offers some great insight into this.

When dogs are home alone they can become destructive and even hurt themselves.  Tonya Christiansen of Must Love Dogs says that there are some things you can do to ease your dog’s transition and prevent them from eating up the couch!  She recommends a Thunder Shirt which is designed for anxiety.   It puts a gentle but consistent pressure on the dogs body and can calm your canine down.

She also recommend “indestructible” chew toys.   There are toys out there that are tougher than average and your dog might be chewing harder than normal when they are anxious.  What will you do when everyone’s back to their fall routine?

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