How to Experience Full Gratitude this National Pet Month

National Pet Month, celebrated in May, is the ideal opportunity to consider just how special the pets in our lives are. While it can be easy to take our four-legged family members for granted, there are plenty of ways they contribute to our health and happiness in both obvious and more subtle ways.

When was the last time you paused to experience the full gratitude you have for your pet? To celebrate the ways dogs provide us with endless joy, here are three things you can do to be thankful and give back in appreciation for your fur ball of love:

1. Appreciate How Your Dog Helps to Keep You Healthy

Pets benefit from all the big and little things we do for them to keep them healthy: daily activity, training, high-quality food, healthy treats, clean water and lots of love and attention. But did you know your dog helps to keep you healthy, too? Numerous studies show that having a pet helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. In other words, the love you share with your dog helps your heart health in more ways than you may have known.

Dogs also have an effect on our activity level and social life. They get us up and moving, giving us increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities and helping us remain active and healthy. When we’re out and about with our fur babies, there is a higher likelihood of increased social interactions. It’s true, our best friends help us to meet other people and other dogs. Who can resist talking to a dog parent with a beautiful dog? Having a dog to talk with also helps us to feel less lonely. Our pooches are great listeners and can make us smile, even in tough times.  Spending some extra time together this month is a wonderful way to thank your dogs for all they do for you.

2. Support Pet Adoption

So many dogs have found fur-ever-homes, but there are so many more that need a loving and caring family. If you are considering adding a fur baby to your family, visiting a local shelter or rescue in your area is a great way to start the process. Be sure to learn about the tendencies of the breed you’re considering (good with children or other dogs, more or less active, etc.) and what you need to do to take care of them.

Helping shelters to help other pets is a great way to celebrate Pet Month. Visit their website or Facebook page and see if you can provide any of the much needed supplies on their list. If you have some extra time, check into volunteering. Of course, monetary donations can go a long way to helping the organization get what is most needed for their facility.

3. Engage and Thank Pet Professionals

Take advantage of the expert pet professionals in your area. There are so many knowledgeable professionals who are interested in helping you and your pet have a long and healthy life together.

National Pet Month is the perfect time to do something special for the people who help you keep your dog healthy and happy. Your veterinarian, groomer, dog sitter, dog walker – all of them can make being a pet parent easier because of all the important services and support they provide. A box of cookies, some flowers or a gift card can be great gestures to let them know how much you appreciate and value them.

Dogs truly hold a piece of our hearts. National Pet Month is a fantastic time to be grateful for the fur family members in your home and for those pet experts who help make your time together even more special!

About Bil-Jac

Bil-Jac, family-owned and operated, stands for more than 70 years of uncompromising dedication to the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. Offering a full line of Super Premium Dog Foods and Treats, Bil-Jac is committed to feeding dogs at every stage of life.  Bil-Jac Believers include winners of AKC dog shows, as well as shelter dogs who have gone on to be television and movie star dogs. At Bil-Jac, pet food is not just our business – it’s truly our passion. 

About Kim Gaebelein

Kim is a passionate dog parent who is lucky enough to work with dogs every day as Senior Marketing Director Bil-Jac Dog Food. She especially loves hearing how high-quality nutrition helps the many dogs and dog parents Bil-Jac serves. With over 15 years in pet health and nutrition businesses, she loves learning about pet care and sharing her knowledge with others in print and on the radio. She is Mom to Blizzard, a 5 year old handsome and energetic Bichon, and Jenna, her beautiful 14 year old daughter. Kim is married and lives in Northeast Ohio.

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