How To Find A Halloween Costume For Your Dog

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It’s dress up time!  I’m sure that your dog is excited about Halloween.  Probably just excited as you are about choosing the perfect dog Halloween costume.  There part where you take your pet put and show off their dog Halloween costume is definitely fun.  Unfortunately, the process of finding that one fantastic dog Halloween costume isn’t.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the search for your pup’s costume a grand ole’ time?  Check out 5 ways that you can pump the process of finding a dog Halloween costume with positive energy.

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1)   Close Your Eyes To Choose The Prize

When you walk into a store you always see so many costumes that you would want your dog to wear.  It’s always hard to choose right away.  You spend an hour of time that you don’t have just to pick up a costume that you don’t even like.  This year, why don’t you try closing your eyes and just picking a costume.  Go to the rack where you see all of the dog Halloween costumes, clothes your eyes, and start running through them.  Count to ten and then whichever one you stop on is the dog Halloween costume that you will take home for your pup.  You might think that you are picking the costume blindly, but in all reality you are saving time and frustration.


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2)   Create A Costume From Your Name

It might be hard for you to think of what you want your dog to be for Halloween so you should use this little bit of help that we will give you.  Be creative with the costume decision by using a word that you might be able to make out of your name.  Say your name was April Belalote… you could make the word RAT and your dog could be a rat for Halloween.  You can also make the word BELL.  If you write out your entire name then you should be able to find at least one word that you could make into a dog Halloween costume.  This will get you thinking and be able to help you find a great and possibly unique costume.


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3)   Let Your Puppy Pick

This might be one of the easiest ways to find your perfect dog Halloween costume.  Go to the store and buy 5 of the cheapest dog Halloween costumes and then bring them home.  Lay them out on your living room or kitchen floor in a circle.  Even though your dog might have no idea what’s going on, try to let them choose their dog Halloween costume.  Let them run around the costumes until they finally sit on or near one of the 5 dog Halloween costumes that you brought home.  You can return the others and get your money back and finally be relieved of the dog Halloween costume stress.


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4)   Use A Pinata

You will basically do the first part of the third suggestion we gave you for finding a dog Halloween costume.  Bring home maybe 5 or more dog Halloween costumes that you think you might like to see your dog in.  Bring home a pinata that looks like it would fit all of the costumes in it.  When you get home, invite some of your friends over and smash the pinata to find your perfect dog Halloween costume.  The first one that falls out of the pinata will be the one that your dog will wear for Halloween.  If they all end up falling out at the same time, just take the one that came out on the top of the pile.


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5)   Have Your Friends Do It

You and your friends love to go shopping.  Usually you are shopping for yourselves, though.  This time you should make the trip for your dog’s Halloween costume.  Do the same routine that you normally do when you are shopping but just find a dog Halloween costume instead.  When you are at the mall or the costume store, have your friends help you pick out the dog Halloween costume.  Maybe one of them could actually just choose it for you and you won’t have to go through the decision making!


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