How to Pick the Best Name for Your Puppy

Beaagle puppy

Choosing a puppy name, gives you a little bit more freedom and creativity than choosing a name for your baby, so enjoy the process and get your thinking cap on to come up with the perfect puppy name. Your puppy can be named after a famous celebrity, one of their funny quirks, or just be given a simple human name if you want to keep their name traditional. David Woods from My Pets Name believes it is important to choose a timeless name which won’t age, that you’ll be happy calling out in whatever crowd you are in. Read on to find out all the tips on how to choose the best name for your puppy.

Get To Know Your Dog Before Giving Them a Puppy Name

Before you choose a name for your brand new puppy, spend a few days getting to know her and learning who she is. If you choose a name before you meet your pup, you risk choosing a name which doesn’t reflect her at all. For example choosing the name ‘Serene’, and finding out that when she first comes into your home, she’s actually a fiery little pocket rocket!

Choose a Name Based On Her Appearance

Once you’ve got to know her, one of her characteristics might stick out to you. Does she have any unique markings on her body in an unusual shape? Perhaps you love the color of her coat and you want to give her a puppy name to reflect her color? If you have a glossy Black Lab whose coat is really silky, you might want to think about calling her Velvet, or if you have a sandy colored Mastiff, perhaps you’ll choose a name like Chestnut.

Choose a Puppy Name Based on her Personality

If you don’t want to choose a named based on her looks, what about choosing one based on her personality? Know that you’re spent some time with her you’ll know whether she’s a shy quiet pup, or whether she’s outgoing and lively. There are a whole host of names which you could pick to reflect any personality type. Here are just a few examples.

  • Gentle – Aria (meaning gentle music)
  • Outgoing – Gizmo
  • Peaceful – Dove
  • Lazy – Dozer

Choose a Short Puppy Name

Try to choose a name which is short, and ideally only one or two syllables. Choosing a short puppy name means your dog will learn it quicker, and it also means you can get your dog’s attention quickly if you need to. If you have chosen a name which is three syllables or longer, have a think about ways you could shorten the name to use in instances where you need a quick recall. For example, if you love the name Annabel, perhaps you could shorten it to Annie from time to time.

Consider the Sounds in the Name

Make sure that the name doesn’t sound too similar to any commands that you’re likely to give regularly, this will be confusing for your dog. There are also experts who believe that choosing a name which has hard consonants in it, such as the letter C and K will be more beneficial for training your dog. These letters have a different frequency and demand the attention of your pooch more quickly.

Be Unique

Choosing a puppy name for your dog gives you the chance to be really creative and unique, you might want to choose a name that is really unusual, or even better – create a new name. If there are two names or things that you particularly love, you could try merging them together to create the perfect new and original name for your pup.

Practice Calling the Name

Ultimately whatever puppy name you choose, will be the one that sticks with you and your dog for the rest of their life. If you’ve chosen a unique or funny name, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable shouting it, where ever you are (even if you’re in a really busy play park!) If you’re stuck between a couple of different names, stand by your back door and try them out. Shout out the names you like and this will usually help you to decide on the perfect one.

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