How To Treat Skin Disorders and Hair Loss In Dogs

dog itching
Does your dog have a skin disorder or hair loss? Do you notice excessive itching or licking? If so, it may be time for you to make an appointment with your veterinarian. Your dog may have a skin disorder that needs attention. Imagine yourself having an allergic reaction or a case of poison ivy and leaving it untreated. Eek! You would not want that for your dog, right? Here are some indicators and solutions for skin disorders and hair loss in dogs.
Hair loss can be caused by excessive licking or a behavioral problem in dogs. Your dog also may be experiencing an allergic reaction to the food he/she is eating or the environment. If you notice a change in your dog’s coat and suspect there is hair loss it is imperative that your dog sees a veterinarian so the proper treatment can be given to your pup as soon as possible. be sure to ask your veterinarian if your dog should be tested for an underlying condition such as diabetes, hormonal issues, as well as liver and thyroid testing. Here are some of the treatments used for hair loss and skin conditions:
Medicated Shampoo – Much like humans most skin disorders in dogs come with scaling, irritation, inflammation, and redness. Skin disorders can be treated with medicated shampoo.allergies, tumors, oily skin, or parasitic infections can cause skin disorders in dogs. Medicated shampoo can help treat skin conditions to make the dog more comfortable and the skin healthier.
Steroids – Failure in the sebaceous glands can cause a severe skin disorder. for more intense skin disorders your dog may be prescribed a steroid especially if there is hair loss due to allergies or infection.
Antibiotics – Some skin disorders can lead to infection. when a skin disorder is present,your dog may not be able to resist intense itching.this can lead to skin infections (Ugh. Double edged sword!) antibiotics are also used to treat parasites such as ringworm.
I had a dog years ago that had a skin condition that was determined to be a form of dermatitis. Ironically, I suffer from psoriasis. I know exactly how it feels to have itchy and irritated skin; dogs are not immune to this. When I noticed this scaly, red patches and the intense itching my dog had I knew I had to make changes. After discussing the problem with a veterinarian it was determined that I had to buy a dog food that was specifically made for dogs with sensitive skin. This is a very easy fix and if you notice your dog is having an issue you can start their. I still highly recommend getting in touch with a veterinarian if you notice your dog is having a skin issue or hair loss.
Our dogs make our lives better so we owe it to them to live a comfortable, healthy life!

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  1. my aussie {mingo} has had hair loss,bloody areas,always licking,he’s 9 yra old and is on steroids,what type of food can he eat and what else can we do,we feel so bad for him,it seems florida is terrible with this,thanks for your help

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