Husky Pups Were Left to Suffer But This Rescue is Giving Them Hope


Peach and Daisy are adorable. These beautiful husky pups might be young, but they’ve lived a life that’s not quite so amazing thus far. Their owners obtained the dogs in Texas, moved them to New Jersey and left them tied up outside all day and night because they were interested in turning the dogs into watch dogs. What happened, instead, is that these dogs were exposed to every possible element, and that did not do anything for their health. When A Pathway to Hope received the dogs, they were in terrible shape.


These lovely sisters both had a type of mange that is contagious to other dogs. They also had experienced so much stress in their young lives that they actually had compromised their immune systems to the point that they had a difficult time overcoming what’s bothering them as far as their health is concerned. These beautiful dogs showed up to the shelter skinny, uncared for and very sick. They were not house trained, they did not know how to behave and they were just not the kind of dog that would make a wonderful house pet for anyone.


Fortunately, when one of the rescue’s volunteer’s showed up to take in these beautiful sisters, they were given a new life. They are gaining weight, overcoming their illnesses and they are doing a wonderful job with their house and obedience training. These gorgeous dogs are ready for their forever family, and the dogs that they are now are completely different than the dogs that they were when they showed up at the rescue. Just a few more treatments are left to get these dogs into the best shape of their lives and then they going to amazing families – hopefully.


Additionally, both dogs now love to take long walks, they love to play and be active and they are very happy when they are together. It seems that one dog already has a potential family to call her own, and the other is hopefully not far behind.


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