Injured Woman Trapped from Car Crash is Woken up and Saved by a Dog

Movie Set Takes Over Chicago's Michigan Avenue

Imagine this if you will. You are an injured woman, sitting in a car wreck that veered way off the road. You are trapped, and bleeding. You are trying to call for help but nothing is happening. Suddenly, you hear a rustling and a sweet, warm hearted German Shepard appears. The dog licks your face clean, and keeps licking you every time you are about to pass out. Imagine the relief she must have felt just having a dog there? Well wait, it gets better.

The dog then fought and pulled and did everything he could to get her out of the car. Once the injured woman was out of the car, the dog pulled her over 100 feet to where people could see her from the road. She then got rescued, and when she told her rescuers the story, they were in shock. A few days later the dog’s owner brought the dog and signed him over to Canine Search and Rescue Trainer, Heidy Drawdy.  The dog was then named Hero.

The injured woman, named Shannon Lorio, ended up being saved because of one dog and it’s need to help. Amazing story, all in all.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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