Irish Wolfhound Puppies Need Special Care While Growing


Irish Wolfhound Puppies are some of the most adorable animals in the world.  While these dogs get super large later in life, they are often tiny and just like any baby, they need lots of care even after it has been weaned from its mother.  Newly adopted Irish Wolfhound Puppies are larger than when they are first born, and you need to pay close attention to them during their first few days in your home.  Today we are going to take a look at some helpful tips that will allow your pet to be more comfortable on their first few days and the months to follow. These animals require special attention in order to grow up healthy and strong.

The first day you bring your new pet into your home, make sure to give them their own space and room to relax.  The Irish wolfhound grows at a very fast rate and can suffer from skeletal disorders if they exercise too much.  So give them plenty of time to rest in a new peaceful and quite environment.  If you have children in the house explain to them that their new found best friend is growing and needs time to recover after a playing session.

Grooming is another issue that you should address early.  These dogs will have very wiry hair and can get really tangled if not groomed properly.  Grooming early will also help the dog get used to the process so that when they get older it won’t be an issue.  Trying to control a very large animal when it doesn’t want to be groomed can be a real hassle.  While these animals are very gentle sometimes they don’t know their own strength, so remember to start grooming them early.

When it comes to feeding your new pet make sure they are getting a well-balanced diet. A high quality puppy food can be purchase from a local pet shop or box store.  But remember to read the ingredients and make sure it’s full of vitamins, proteins and minerals.  Your new pet has probably just been wined so they are going to need all the nutrients they can get.  Also, make sure to feed them on a regular time frame.  You want to stay on the same schedule and remember you are going to have to feed them up to 4 times a day when they are younger than 3 months old.  After they reach 6 months old cut the feedings back to 3 times a day, and when they reach adulthood feed them twice daily.

Follow these tips and your new pet will be happy and healthy through its entire growing process.  Remember to give them lots of love and time to rest in between.  Amazing animals this breed will grow leaps and bounds, so make sure to help them along the way.

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