Why The Jack Russell Terrier Is One of The World’s Most Beloved Canines

 Jack Russell Terrier

One of the most beloved dog breeds in the world has to be the Jack Russell Terrier.  These feisty dogs have been with us for many years and its origins date back to the 19th century.  First used as a hunting dog, these small but agile animals were taken along on Fox hunts by the nobles.  The Jack Russell Terrier is a very popular breed and has been featured on many different TV shows in the past.  These amazing dogs are very easy to train and are highly intelligent.

Why are These Dogs so Loved by So Many People?

These dogs are truly a special breed.  Over the years, they have grown very close to humans and have worked hand in hand both in the fields and at home.  Once great fox hunters and rat catchers, these dogs were prized by royalty and common people alike.  Not only did these dogs serve a purpose but they also are loyal companions that will stick with their owners through both good times and bad.  They are also very beautiful looking animals with a clean white coat covered with a patch work of brown.

They Were Once Hunters; Does That Mean They Can Be Aggressive?

While it is true these dogs are born hunters but with proper socialization they can very loving pets.  Many people with children have these dogs in their homes but there should be a bit of caution when dealing with them.  One of the temperament traits of this animal is that it will not allow rough handling.  So when dealing with small children, you should always make sure they treat the dog with the utmost respect. Even though they are small dogs their bite can be very serious.  But with proper precautions this breed will make the perfect family pet.

What About Health Issues With This Animal?

These dogs are surprisingly healthy breed and there are not major health related issues that they are prone to. But there are some bloodlines that tend to have eye related issues like cataracts which can become a problem.  As always make sure to get all of their shots when they are little and make sure to give them plenty of healthy dog food.  Also, a yearly trip to the Vet is in order so they will live long and healthy lives.  Some of these dogs will live up to 16 years in age which is very impressive.

Image via Eastman Photo at Flickr.com

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