Jogger Hero Saves Man and Dog From Lake and Restores Faith in Humanity

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So I know we think we would all do it without thinking, but ask yourself. What would you do? What would you do if you were going for your morning jog and you saw a man and his dog struggling in a lake? Would you stop what you were doing and risk your life to save them both? Well, that is just what one Chicago man did when he heard the struggling yells and barks of a man and his dog who had fallen in Lake Michigan. The hero saves man AND dog. But do you think you would? You know what, we know you would, and we would, too!

His name is Adam Dominic, and he was going for the same jog he goes on every day near his favorite bird sanctuary when he heard distressing sounds. He followed the sounds and found that a man was struggling to stay afloat, and his dog was next to him, in the icy waters, too. Adam quickly found a yellow piece of rope to throw him, but what happened next will blow your mind.

The drowning man told Adam Dominic to save his dog first. Dominic tried to argue with him, but the man was set in his ways. Adam struggled with the ice and bad weather, but managed to pull the two to shore just in time for rescuers to arrive. Hero saves man and dog, but the man made sure he saved the dog first. That puts a tear in our eye.

The man was taken to a local hospital where he was treated, and the dog that fell in (as well as two others he was walking that day) are all fine. All because one man was hero enough to make the difference.

Faith restores in humanity for another week. Thanks, Adam Dominic. You really are the hero we all aspire to be.

(Photo by Kim White/Getty Images)

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