Judge Sentences Man Who Threw Puppy Over A Balcony


There are a number of things in this world I don’t like. I don’t like them because they are annoying, wrong or just plain stupid. Fortunately, I don’t have two weeks to make that list for you, so I’ll stick to praising this guy and his amazingness. Judge Michael Cicconetti is like me; he has very little tolerance for people who abuse animals. Do you remember a few months ago when we told you that a woman was sentenced to spending days in the dump because she decided that she would stick her animal in a dump-like setting at home? Well, that was him; and he’s back at it. He recently lost his mind telling a young man who decided to throw a three-month-old puppy over a balcony of an apartment building and then hide the body in a trash compactor what he thinks of him.

You have to see the video to understand just how much we love what the judge has to say. This is a young man who did the worst thing, and he is being punished for it by the law as he should. In addition to being the most obnoxious person around for what he did, he is six months in jail for it. He will then spend another five years on probation. We think that’s just a start. Wait until you hear what this judge had to say to him. The video doesn’t do it justice, in our opinion; but we are in agreement.

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