Just Wait Until You Hear About This Miracle Dog

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Some dog stories warm the heart. Some dog stories make us laugh. Some dog stories end up making us mad because of what a dog went through. And some dog stories do all the above and awe us at how miraculous they turn out. This is one such story. The unbelievable resilience of one miracle dog who faced the worst adversity anyone could imagine, and still came out of it with a wagging tail and a warm heart. That is one of the many things we love about dogs. That will to live and love, and that undeniable fighting spirit.

Imagine this (if you can). A two story homes in the U.K just up and explodes, reducing the whole area to rubble and taking two entire houses with it. Sadly enough, in one of those houses was a dog named Carryad. It was hard for anyone to imagine anything surviving those massive explosions (said to be caused by a faulty gas line). Sadly, the family could not find the dog among the rubble, and after a day or so, believed the pooch to be perished. Well, one day later, rescue workers are going through the wreckage and they hear a bark. They follow it and start pulling away rubble from where the barking is coming from. Second later, they see it. Carryad, under the rubble, but full of life and seemingly okay.

They tear away the rubble, freeing the dog, and check her for injuries. Shockingly, they see none but inform the family and send the dog to the vet immediately anyway, to really make sure. This is the shocking part, and also while we call this a miracle dog. Carryad had been caught in an explosion and had sat in the wreckage for two days, yet somehow, was fine. Not a broken bone. Not a laceration. No puncture wounds or anything. Truth is, the dog had as clean a bill of health had they just walked in off the street.

Can you even wrap your mind around that? This dog sat under the smoking rubble of a house, unsure what was going on, no food or drink. Yet somehow, it managed to be fine. That sums up the dog spirit. Just a machine made of resiliency and love.

So you see, when we called Carryad a miracle dog, we meant it.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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