Kind Man Feeds 80 Stray Dogs Three Meals Per Day

stray dogs

When Michael Baines moved from his native country of Switzerland to Thailand just over 14 years ago, he thought he’d make a new life for himself. He had no idea that his move to Thailand would not only change his own life, but the lives of 100s of stray dogs living on the street at the same time. This is a country that is inundated with strays. They are just given up, let go, abandoned, and they are born to stray parents and become strays from the moment they are born. The country doesn’t do much in the way of trying to sterilize these dogs to stop the population of strays from growing, either. The problem is a big one. It all happened for Michael one day when a stray dog pregnant with a litter of her own showed up at the restaurant where he worked. He felt sorry for the dog – he has several strays of his own at home – and he fed her.

She came back. Every single day, that dog came back for a meal. Now Michael spends at least a thousand dollars of his own money every single month buying dog food and delivering it to the places where he knows homeless strays congregate the most so that he can provide them with three square meals per day. The dogs love him, and they are very appreciative of his efforts. He’s also been able to get more than 100 strays sterilized, and he’s found homes for dozens of dogs. He’s a hero in our eyes.

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