The Lab and the Fawn: Most Heartwarming Story You Will Hear All Day

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I am going to warn you, right away. This story will hit you directly in the feels. This is not only cute and sweet, but is the kind of thing that reminds us all in one blinding second why we love dogs. We love them because they are loyal. We love them because they are pure. We love them because they often remind us there is purity and goodness left in this world. They also show us one thing very few other species do. That love is blind, and love is universal. Get ready for the story of the lab and the fawn.

The story starts off as tragic, sadly. A fawn’s mother got run over by a motorist who was no paying attention to what was going on. The fawn was most certainly going to die if left to its own devices. Some humans found the sad fawn and brought it home. What happened next was what will melt your heart. Rather than tell you, how about we show you?

Yup, that’s right. The lab began producing milk and nursed the malnutritioned doe back to health. Think about that for a second. The dog sensed that the fawn needed milk and its motherly instinct kicked it, and it began to produce milk. This is not wholly uncommon in the animal world. The maternal instinct can be quite strong in dogs. We have posted many similar stories of dogs weening everything from cats to baby chicks. That, to us, sums up the love and loyalty of a dog. A dog senses a young animal is in trouble, and its body kicks in to overdrive to do anything it can to help that animal. Don’t you feel like us humans could learn a thing or two from these dogs?

See, I told you this would hit you right in the feels.

. (Photo by Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images)

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