Labrador Rescued From Abandoned Mine Shaft in New Zealand


The Greymouth Volunteer Fire Bridge had to be called in to rescue a black labrador from an abandoned mine shaft after it tumbled in on Saturday morning. The canine’s owners, Helen and Allan Wilson, had left their six-year-old lab Coire with their dog sitter, Allan’s sister Thelma Eakin, on Friday night.

According to Helen Wilson, Coire does not normally wander off. However, Eakin’s dog Mac died recently and she believes that Coire may have gone looking for “her best mate” and ended up down the mine shaft in the process. The Eakins discovered Coire missing early on Saturday morning and since then, they launched a search. Eventually a neighbor of the Eakins discovered a whimpering dog down the shaft – it was Coire!

Grey District Council dog control officer Murray Malloch was called in and he quickly sprang into action calling the fire brigade, who Malloch described “dropped their tools and came to the rescue.” The fire officer in charge of the rescue, Warren Rose, recalled that Coire was calm when they arrived.

“We dropped a ladder down the hole, slipped a harness onto Coire and pulled her up – it was a great achievement – one of those feel good moments,” Rose said. The dog was no “worse for wear,” and suffered a split toenail and a couple of scratches. The Eakins and the Wilsons had nothing but praise for the fire brigade – thanks to them, they can rest easy. Meanwhile the Labrador rescued has already spent the second night at its sitters tied up… just in case.

Photo Source: Greymouth Star 

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