The Lack of Two Front Legs Doesn’t Stop these Puppies from Getting Around

front legs

In the town of Lingayen, Philippines, two puppies were born without front legs.  According to their owner Jose dela Cruz, the pups are the first litter of their mom and they were surprised when they discovered that they have no front legs.  Although the puppies doesn’t have front legs, it’s not stopping them from getting around and play like a normal pup.  As Aside from being adorable, town residents admire the pups for their strong will.  Lacking both front legs makes the pups look like baby kangaroos and that’s why their owners named them Kanggi and Kanggu.  Their unique appearance is making them popular in the community they live in especially to kids, who are fascinated with them.

Despite of their disabilities, both pups are happy and full of energy.  Zenaida Nicolas, daughter of dela Cruz and one the pups caretakers, said that they are amazed with how the pups manage to play with kids and other animals.  Whitey, the pups mom, also has a unique looking feet.  Veterinarian Michael Maramba said that Kanggi and Kanggu’s parents are blood related, which could be the cause of their deformities.  It is also possible that the pups deformities were caused by an injury during fetal development or if their mom ingested carcinogenic stuffs.  Even though they are born with deformities, they still have the chance to live a healthy and normal life as long as they get their vaccinations on time, Dr. Maramba added.

When dela Cruz was asked about the future of the pups, he told GMA News that he is not going to give them away and they will continue to take care of them.  We wish Kanggi and Kanggu good health and long life.  We think that a wheelchair will help them get around easier.  Hopefully, someone will donate wheelchairs for them soon.

Image via 24 Oras North Central Luzon

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