The Leonberger: One of The World’s Largest Dog Breeds


One of the largest of all dog breeds is the Leonberger. It is one massive canine.  This mammoth dog which has its roots in Germany can weigh up to 170 pounds and has a height of over 31 inches.  Once owned by royalty, these dogs were working animals and used to guard households and farmland alike.  A rumor has it that this dog was breed to look like a lion in order to match a local town crest in which it first appeared.  But no matter what the reason these dogs were produced, they surely are very impressive animals.  One look at this massive dog and would be intruders will likely run away.

These Dogs Were Used as Guard Animals, Does That Mean They are Aggressive?

These dogs were used for many years as guard dogs for the home and to ward away predators on the farm.  But when it comes to aggression these dogs are likely more docile than you would expect. Very easy to socialize, these dogs will fit right in with the family. In fact, some would say that the Leonberger is one of the best over all dogs to have around children.  These intelligent canines learn very quickly and are not jumpy animals.  Very calm and collected, they will not react to loud noises making them very suitable pets.  Taking them on trips is something they really enjoy and they don’t even seem to mind the hustle and bustle of city life.  In fact you just might see one in your city. These dogs are very loyal and will defend the family.  But they will be very cautious when using force and won’t just attack anyone who may be wandering by.

How Long Will These Dogs live and are There Any Health Problems?

These dogs are giants and with that often comes a shorter lifespan.  These animals will typically live to be about 7 years old.  This is something you should consider before bringing one of these dogs into your home.  The heartbreak of losing an animal so young can be very devastating to children.  When it comes to health related issues, these dogs are very sturdy animals.  With proper breeding practice, many of these dogs won’t suffer from any genetic health related issues.  But some do have problems with the heart and hip dysplasia.  Both of these problems are common in large breed dogs so it’s something you should always keep an eye on. As long as you take your dog to the Vet, give him plenty of exercise and a well-balanced diet and they will lead very healthy lives.

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