Let’s Help Rescued Pit Bull Hiding in a Trash Dump Find a New Home

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In Los Angeles, California a homeless pit bull was rescued after hiding from a heap of trash.  Apparently, Hope for Paws, a rescue group in the LA area, got a call for help from Waste Management in connection with a dog that got lost in their recycling facility. L.A. Animal Rescue, another local rescue group, joined Hope for Paws in the mission of rescuing the stray canine.  The co-founder of Hope for Paws Eldad Hagar and his crew bolted to the scene after being notified about the situation.  Watch the video of this epic two-day rescue below.

The video begins with the rescue group crew rushing to the recycling facility where they found the dog hiding at the top of a big trash pile.  Since the dog was on top of the trash heap, the crew thought on how to rescue the animal safely.  Luckily, the Waste Management team stepped in and got their backhoe out and made a safe path for the rescue group enabling them to reach the dog.  But when they approached the pup, it got scared and moved away by running on top of a dangerous trash pile and eventually disappeared and hid somewhere in the facility.

The rescue team came back the next day.  On this second day of rescue, the Waste Management got their excavator and bulldozer out to help the rescuers in locating the stray pit bull.  The team successfully found the dog but when they approached the animal it ran away for the second time except this time the dog managed to get out of the plant.  Rescuers followed the dog into an area where the animal was cornered.  One of the rescuers was actually standing on top of piled pipes to ensure his safety while trying to catch the dog.  The scared canine barked and growled at him but the rescuer stayed calm and patient.  After about half an hour the pitty finally calmed down and was rescued successfully.  He was then taken to the vet for a checkup and was given the name Thor by one of his rescuers.  Currently, Thor is staying at a foster home while waiting to be adopted.  For more info on how to adopt Thor, please contact the L.A. Animal Rescue https://www.facebook.com/LAanimalrescue.  Please don’t forget to share the video to your friends and family to help Thor find his forever home soon.

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