Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About Black Dog Syndrome

As sad as it all may make us dog lovers, can we talk about “black dog syndrome” for a moment? A sad but shocking trend in the canine world that is known as black dog syndrome involves dogs that have black coats are getting ignored at adoption agencies, and passed over for dogs who have lighter coats. It may sound silly, and may sound unbelievable to us dog lovers, but it really is a pressing issue in the dog world. Why does this happen, and what can we do to change it?

First of all, wow. It is sad t learn that black dog syndrome is far more prevalent than anyone would think. But why? Well, as silly as this may sound, the issue became far more pressing in the 80’s after The Omen film was released. Not even kidding you. There were dogs represented in that movie that were said to be “hell hounds” and anytime they were represented, they were portrayed by black dogs, like Dobermans. This actually burrowed itself into many people’s subconscious. The idea that black dogs could somehow be more capable of evil. I know, it sounds like a bad joke about racism, but this is a huge issue.

We are hoping if people read about it and can learn more about it, they will see just how foolish and uncool a trend it is, and that black dogs deserve a forever home no less than any golden dog or brown coated canine. So please, if you know anyone who is adopting or is considering a adopting, point this out to them. Let them know that black dog syndrome is a serious issue, and any black dog we can land in a forever home is one step closer to eradicating this foolish syndrome.

(Photo by Jordan Silverman/Getty Images)

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